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The Ka Ta See Apprenticeship Level 1 expands on The Call of Your Song to guide you into you much more deeply into your healing and awakening journey and help you uncover deeper levels of your Song and how to live it in your daily life!

KaTa See is a tradition of the untapped knowledge that is at your fingertips as you re-claim your consciousness. It is a tradition of building your attention and focus and concentration, of learning to use your life energy to heal yourself and others, of sharing the tsunamis of endless unconditional love that are surging and thundering through our galaxy. It is a tradition of learning to be deeply true to yourself and the life you came here to live.

  • Identity Work!

    You have 2 things in this life. Your time. And your attention. You can’t afford to waist either one of them if your desire is to heal, to wake up and to live awake. Finding your true identity is about finding the long and deeply hidden truth of yourself. It’s about real freedom. 

  • Learning To Focus Your Attention!

    KaTa See is a tradition of building one’s attention. We are pure attention, pure awareness, pure consciousness! Gaining the “ability” to purposefully focus your attention is the big ancient mystical key. It is the heart of it all. It’s the bottom line of all the mystical teachings, all the ancient teachings, and that is: “Your attention and how to purposefully focus it”.

  • The Gifts Of The 4 Directions And The Initiation Of The Journey To The Crystal Cave!

    This session begins with the teachings of the four directions. The goal of the spiritual seeker is to learn from all the directions and find a place at home in the center, where all the influences of the directions are equally present, at the foot of the Tree of Life. The center place is the place of balance, the state of being fully awake and free of all masks and blind beliefs.

    It also includes the Journey To The Crystal Cave which is an ancient initiation in the Ka Ta See Tradition that opens you to a greater understanding and connectedness to the world of the unseen, the non-linear.

  • Understanding The Effects Of Diet And Toxins On Our Body And On Our Spirit Abilities!

    Learn the diet recommendations from the Hetakas that Kay has learned by following their way of life and from herself through years of her experience and research. As well as how to detoxify the body. The healthier you become the more easefully your healing and awakening journey will unfold.

  • Living In The Here And Now And The Journey Into The Void!

    In the Ka Ta See tradition the “here and now” is about collecting your attention from your masks and blind beliefs that have you habitually plunging your thoughts and emotions into the past or the future or a possible version of reality or into some fantasy world. 
    The result is that this wallowing ends up having control over our life and we are living everywhere but in our current time and location. We are letting our lives slip away. 
    The Hetakas teach that the here now moment is the moment of power. 
    The initiation of The Journey Into The Void will help you gain a greater understanding about living in the here and now!

  • Power Animal Journey!

    In the Ka Ta See tradition, a Power Animal is a helper spirit that has been with you all of your life. We have many different spirit helpers, from many different nations. This particular one is from the “animal nations”. Before you were born an agreement was made with one of these nations, and with a specific individual of this nation. This individual agreed to come with you, to be with you, to help you, to protect you, to teach you, to try to serve you and take care of you in whatever way it can. In this session you will meet your Power Animal!

  • Soul Retrieval Journey!

    On this journey your quest is to find and retrieve pieces or lost fragments of your spirit. It’s called a “spirit retrieval” or a “soul retrieval” journey. We have lost spirit parts because whenever something traumatic happens to us in our lives a piece of our spirit is taken out of us by ourselves and the spirits, and we send it into the spirit world with the spirits for safety. The details of the trauma are no longer important. That is all done, gone, past. You may or may not remember the details. And that’s OK - those details aren’t what matters any more. The important thing is:
    What is that trauma doing to you right now? 
    How are you giving your power away to the trauma today?
    This Soul Retrieval Journey will guide you to heal all that!

  • Finding Clarity Of The Priorities In Your Life!

    We only have our time and our attention in this life. We only have just so much time and that’s it. Time’s up. Most of us don’t know when we are going to go. It could be really soon. To live awake and purposefully, in our Song, we must begin choosing our activities that occupy our lives and minds, not the masks choosing. It means choosing to live more authentically, more in line with our purpose in this life. More in line with our Song.

Special Bonuses!

  • One Year Of Ka Ta See Mentorship Membership!

    Join a community of like minded and like hearted people, all on a journey to awakening.

    In the Ka Ta See Mentorship you will receive support from Kay and Helmut as well as the student teachers and the community. Mentorships are scheduled twice each month and you can bring your questions and sharing to the live session or to the Ka Ta See Mentorship Online forum to receive help and guidance on your journey. With The Apprenticeship Level 1 you receive a full year of free Mentorship Membership.

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