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The Teachings That You Are Being Offered In This Course!

  • Song - Living Your Song - Living The Truth Of Your Heart!

  • Masks - FREE Yourself From Your Masks - Gain The Only Real Freedom There Is!

  • The Ka Ta See Life Energy Initiation - The Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent! 

There Is More! 😃

  • Attention And Unconditional Love

    KaTa See is a tradition of the untapped knowledge that is at your fingertips as you re-claim your consciousness. It is a tradition of building your attention and focus and concentration, of learning to use your life energy to heal yourself and others, of sharing the tsunamis of endless unconditional love that are surging and thundering through our galaxy. It is a tradition of learning to be deeply true to yourself and the life you came here to live

  • Forgiveness

  • Perception, Perspective, Attitude, Respect, And The Field Of Aliveness

    This are powerful teachings about what it means to become awake and live awake in Ka Ta See which Kay recently taught to her advanced students. We feel that these teachings can offer profoundly healing influence to anyone so that we wanted to make them available to more people than just our advanced students.

  • True Manifesting - The Muddy Feet Way!

    These are the teachings about manifesting Kay shared with her advanced students.  Most ways that people are taught to manifest often send the message to the universe that they are living in lack, and, unconsciously they are asking for more of it. The Muddy Feet Story teaches the essence and heart of how to manifest without sending any vibrations of lack, in fact, quite the opposite, to truly manifest what you want, and nothing of what you don't. 

  • The Ka Ta See Gratitude Ceremony!

    Living in gratitude is among the most powerful gifts we can offer to ourselves and the world. This is another ceremony Kay recently offered to her advanced students and we thought that this too should be available to more people so that they can create a new way of being thankful and, in so doing, expand their powers of manifesting more of what they truly desire in their lives.

  • Six Months Of Ka Ta See Mentorship Membership!

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